I am disabled because if it. My anxiety was debilitating and turned into panic attacks. I was feeling better up until a few days ago, so I went and seen my Dr., so she upped my medication to 75 mg . Anxiety. Beaucoup de personnes se plaignent de nombreux effets secondaires malgré un sevrage progressif. Poison.” I will never recommend it to anyone. “I have been taking Effexor for just over a year for comorbid depression and anxiety. My first week of Effexor I had extreme fatigue and irritability that was difficult to deal with. It was pure, utter awfulness. A few months. I’m tapering off right now and hope I don’t have difficulties with that. I'm 29.” I learned a lot about clinical depression and how to treat it.

After that time period it had been a long, long time since I had felt depressed, so I began to taper off. But still get them. I had been unable to get out of bed, had suicidal thoughts, no interest in relationships before beginning the drug. “I've been on Effexor for 3 or 4 months. Can’t eat. The allegra was the only change I had made in my diet. Can't wait to have my life back!” I switched back to Zoloft yesterday, hopefully I will be better in the weeks to come.” As for the anxiety... still there, and hasn't improved much. I still rate it a 7 because if it has helped anything it's the panic attacks which are easily the worst mental experience you can go through aside from being tortured to death.

I think it probably took me a couple of months to get completely off. So far my experience has been good and I am very hopeful. Ce qui me fait peur ce sont les effets secondaires dus à celui-ci. First came the spaced out phase where I couldn’t remember … I counted every day. The crisis is finally behind me, and I have tapered from 225mg to 37.5mg over the last 3 months. If you're on this drug, you're going to want to stay on it and make sure you don't skip doses.

I get major withdrawal symptoms like extreme dizziness, headaches. “My experience with this drug was horrific. For 2 years it helped me to function normally, I went back to work, the suicidal ideation ceased and I was able to manage my depression. I tried it for 6 weeks and now am in process of weaning off this dirty drug. I'm scared to get tapered off tho because of the withdrawal symptoms I've been hearing.” Huge mistake. Be honest with yourself and your friends and seek professional help!” Let’s not forget hearing and seeing things that weren’t there. I am now taking Effexor and my anxiety completely went away! The electric-like surges are painful and scary.

“I was prescribed Venlafaxine for major depression and debilitating anxiety while going through a massive life crisis (business and relationship divorce and resulting bankruptcy) about three years ago. Stopped taking it. Quitting cold turkey probably wasn't the best idea but make sure you go to your doctor to get tapered off properly first to avoid major withdrawal symptoms.

Your condition. ” I was not myself. The withdrawals are worse than any drug I know. Overall, still depressed and definitely still anxious. It’s not worth it! I now no longer have to take Xanax, I had NO side effects from Effexor and my depression is completely gone and my anxiety. It is important to mention that I did not get through this with drugs alone. The anxiousness went … Got to the point I couldn’t even keep down water. At first a started at the lowest dose and found it did nearly nothing for me. Fever, tremors, panic attacks, vertigo, hives, flu-like symptoms, night terrors, constant vomiting. No one ever warns you about coming off Effexor. After a long time though I felt numb and wanted to get off of it.

By day 6 I was hospitalized with severe dehydration and exhaustion.