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Administration . In the more recent studies, isoniazid has been administered concurrently in a single, daily, oral dose.In patients who have received previous antituberculous therapy, administer Ethambutol hydrochloride 25 mg/kg (11 mg/lb) of body weight, as a single oral dose once every 24 hours.
Pulmonary infiltrates, with or without eosinophilia, also have been reported during Ethambutol hydrochloride therapy.

Protect from light, moisture and excessive heat.

Patients developing visual abnormality during Ethambutol hydrochloride treatment may show subjective visual symptoms before, or simultaneously with, the demonstration of decreases in visual acuity, and all patients receiving Ethambutol hydrochloride should be questioned periodically about blurred vision and other subjective eye symptoms.Recovery of visual acuity generally occurs over a period of weeks to months after the drug has been discontinued.

However, irreversible blindness has been reported.

See Table for easy selection of proper weight-dose tablet(s).Ethambutol Hydrochloride Tablets USP, 100 mg: round, white, film-coated tablets, debossed “VP” on one side and “11” on the other side.Ethambutol Hydrochloride Tablets USP, 400 mg: round, white, film-coated tablets, debossed “VP” on one side and “1” to the left of bisect, and “4” to the right of bisect on the other side.Store at 20°- 25°C (68°- 77°F) [See USP Controlled Room Temperature]. It is taken by mouth. advice about side effects. Pregnancy and lactation.Store between 20-25°C. To help you remember, take this medication at the same time(s) every day.Tell your doctor if your condition persists or worsens.Tell your doctor right away if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occur: Tell your doctor right away if any of these rare but serious side effects occur: mental/This is not a complete list of possible side effects. There are reports of ophthalmic abnormalities occurring in infants born to women on antituberculous therapy that included Ethambutol hydrochloride.

400 mg Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. Snellen eye charts are recommended for testing of visual acuity. INDICATIONS Hypertension. Includes indications, proper use, special instructions, precautions, and possible side effects. INTRODUCTION.

Ethambutol hydrochloride is an oral chemotherapeutic agent which is specifically effective against actively growing microorganisms of the genus Mycobacterium, including M. tuberculosis.
It may also be used to treat Mycobacterium avium complex, and Mycobacterium kansasii. If you also take antacids that contain aluminum, take this medication at least 4 hours before the antacid.For the best effect, take this antibiotic at evenly spaced times.

The serum level of Ethambutol hydrochloride falls to undetectable levels by 24 hours after the last dose except in some patients with abnormal renal function. When pregnant mice or rabbits were treated with high doses of Ethambutol hydrochloride, fetal mortality was slightly but not significantly (P>0.05) increased. help if any of these side effects or any other side effects bother you or do not go away: Use ethambutol as ordered by your doctor. Ethambutol is indicated for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Elevated serum uric acid levels occur and precipitation of acute gout has been reported. Ethambutol eliminates certain bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB).

The structural formula is:Ethambutol HYDROCHLORIDE (HCL) 100 and 400 mg tablets contain the following inactive ingredients: Gelatin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sorbitol, Stearic Acid, Sucrose, Titanium Dioxide and other ingredients.