Treatment depends on the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and associated multimorbidities (how many conditions co-exist)3. In certain cases, these nasal steroids can be used alongside the regular consumption of oral decongestants and antihistamines. It is important for asthmatics to manage their asthma triggers and take their long-term controller medicine as prescribed to prevent asthma episodes during these times. And no, you won't get addicted to nasal steroids since they’re safe for long-term administration.While nasal steriod sprays are effective, they are very slow acting. 7. Unprecedented times like these can give rise to a lot of queries among the asthmatics on how they should take care of themselves.Having Asthma shouldn't prevent you from staying active. After some weeks of consistent use, your doctor will usually begin to tail down your nasal steroid dosage. If your treatment does not help to get proper sleep or prevent the symptoms at night talk to your doctor. Try a prescription antihistamine spray such as azelastine (Astelin, Astepro) and olopatadine hydrochloride (Patanase). This Q&A is not a patient consultation and any information provided herein is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional. Nasal glucocorticoids delivered with the help of nasal sprays are considered to be the first line of treatment when it comes to controlling the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. (photo)How is the severity of allergic rhinitis graded by a doctor?What is the difference between sinusitis and allergic rhinitis?Why does my eczema relapse whenever I stop steroid creams?Is there any medication other than steroid sprays that help with obstructive sleep apnoea in a child?What types of eczema treatment is available other than steroids?Are there more risks of oral steroids (prednisolone) in someone who is younger (20s), as opposed to someone who is older?Are red raised patches on skin caused by allergy or inflammation?© 2020 DoctorxDentist PTE LTD. All rights reserved.All content posted is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. if using a nasal spray over a long period of time will result in negative side effects. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that they are even better than oral antihistamines . Oral medication requires a higher dose as compared to inhaled medicines. This is why it's crucial to continue following up with your doctor as he or she will have the next plan of action you should take.If you stop the nasal spray abruptly, allergic symptoms can return.Yes, it's possible. Anti-drip anticholinergic nasal sprays. This type of spray rpovides rapid relief, but there's a catch. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment.Allergic rhinitis is considered one of the most common ailments in Singapore. Nasal corticosteroids relieve symptoms such as nasal and sinus congestion, mucus production, and nasal swelling caused by conditions such as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. The various medicines and treatment can affect each other and the individual taking it can experience side effects.6. It depends on how quickly one can see the onset of action with the medication taken.5. Read on to know more.Asthma is one word that is known to people all over the world but the details of the condition usually remain hidden from the general public. The primary site for the exposure to allergens and inflammatory reactions is the nasal mucosa, that leads to the individual experiencing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.As of today, there is no cure for allergic rhinitis. Read on to know the 10 common mistakes to avoid while using inhalers. Allergy nasal sprays are the most effective medications for the treatment of nasal allergy symptoms.

If you are having difficulty breathing, having frequent cold and cough that does not go away, then it’s time you visit a specialist.Do you have a story that would inspire others? While oral antihistamines don't seem to help nonallergic rhinitis, nasal sprays containing an antihistamine may reduce symptoms of nonallergic rhinitis. One should consult the doctor and get to know which treatment would be effective for him or her.4. The onset of treatment matters because a person may need instant relief from symptoms when he or she has a sudden flare-up. This is because the drugs have the least number of side effects and are effective in relieving the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. While the individuals may notice some relief in the symptoms of their allergic rhinitis, it may take a few weeks for the full effect of the nasal spray to be noticed which is why it is recommended for the individual to take their dose regularly.To conclude, while a nasal spray cannot cure an individual of his or her allergic rhinitis, it definitely plays an important role in controlling the symptoms of the condition.We all need expert advices. In the case of more severe symptoms, the doctor may prescribe a round of nasal decongestants first before starting the individual on a round of nasal steroids, delivered through a nasal spray. A study has suggested that approximately 30% of Singaporeans experience some form of allergy.

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