All of this serves to decrease the workload on the heart and thus its demand for oxygen. Remember, the main use of nitroglycerin in medicine is for the relief of chest pain.

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Well, there are actually many reasons for chest pain, but from this lesson's perspective the chest pain occurs because of the fact that the heart isn't getting enough oxygen to do its job, that of pumping blood around the body.

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Seriously, we do! This includes chest pain from a heart attack. When these muscles relax, the blood vessel expands and the blood flows more freely through the blood vessel. Her body is sometimes like a bow to be sent, and the thunder is waiting for it sometimes it is like a nitroglycerin mechanism of action string of arrows, soaring high.

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There is a medication called warfarin that is used to save people's lives by thinning their blood. It's also used to kill rats. When the veins are dilated, blood pools away from the heart instead of being pushed into the heart. One reason for that leg muscle pain and cramping is a lack of an adequate supply of oxygenated blood to the leg muscles. It, like warfarin, is used to save human lives. It can expand (dilate) or it can contract (constrict).

While that is the major way by which nitroglycerin works to prevent chest pain, there is also some (poorly understood) evidence that it helps improve blood flow within the heart muscle tissue itself, thus increasing the delivery of oxygenated blood to specific areas that may need it due to one of several potential problems.

History Nitroglycerin was first synthesized in 1846 by Sobrero Alfred Nobel devised a process to stabilize the nitroglycerin and patented a specialized detonator in 1863 In 1857, T. Lauder Brunton of Edinburgh administered amyl nitrite by inhalation and noted that anginal pain was relieved within 30- 60 secs William Murrell surmised that the action of nitroglycerin mimicked that of amyl nitrite

Abilify (aripiprazole) is an anti-psychotic medicine used for the medical treatment of psychotic conditions and disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.It also is used with other medications for the treatment of major depression in adults.. Since this tension/pressure is reduced, so is the demand for oxygen. The medication enters the vascular smooth muscle.

Here, nitroglycerin helps form a compound called The dilation of the veins (nitroglycerin's main effect) ends up reducing the amount of blood that returns to the heart as it relaxes to fill up with blood. A person is given nitroglycerin.

Here's what happens.

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