The only real drawback would be the lack of in-person feedback. For people wanting to learn music production, the Music Production bachelor is probably the best bet. Enjoying a lot of success in the online learning business, Udemy calls themselves an online marketplace for providing training in skills to help others develop and become more competent in their respective disciplines.The learning platform is designed as an intuitive learning space where you can enrol in a class, learn at your own pace, and have unlimited access to all content for a small fee.Because the number of courses provided is simply massive, we will break it down to the essentials that you need to learn as a music producer:As you can see, Udemy offers a tremendous amount of courses to choose from.

Many users consider the quality to be highly rated, from the content to delivery on practically any topic, application, plug-in and software you can think of that you need training on.You can either stream the courses online or download them to your HD.

Up to you.Current courses include: Production Masterclass, Shadow Child in the Studio, Production Certificate & Creativity: Unlocked.Well, you’ve been presented with the options. Students can apply for the Canadian Emergency Student Benefit until September 30. Icon is specifically tailored to electronic music production, so you’re not wasting time learning things that aren’t going to get you results.No more lecturers spending one hour conveying how to open Logic Pro. But they only have the one campus in Florida, with their online school.That being said, they are meant to be one of the top 25 music schools in the country.Looking a bit deeper, Full Sail has designed their programs to be accelerated and feature more contact hours than traditional universities and schools.You also get a lot more hands-on and professional experience with actual companies than usual, with recording studios operating at the same times they would in the real world.

No Pro Tools or irrelevant stuff here.Based in London, you have the option to do in-person classes or complete them from the comfort of your own home. Time to make a decision.But I’ll reiterate my earlier point – most of these schools will cost you an arm and a leg.That’s why we’ve created a FREE video training to get you started on the right path.

If you want a more traditional approach to learning music production from a music academy, but want to do it online, and maybe get a degree, this is the best solution our consideration.You can take a look at what they have to offer and you can tell for yourself.Essentially, Coursera is like an online university, as the platform has partners with many top colleges and universities around the world to offer top-level education at a small cost. You’ll find that they both have the same interface, but Logic is a lot more advanced a digital audio workstation than Garage Band. In general, most students felt that the Masterclasses provided exceptional value for the money, and few opted to take advantage of the money-back guarantee.In a world filled with dozens of online courses, few come close to delivering the range and quality that Masterclass provides. If you’re wanting to learn music production or DJing, chances are you’re looking at attending a school or course for music production.If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll definitely know what Why do we think like this? Music is everywhere — in films and television, on the radio and the Internet, and, of course, in clubs, theaters and concert halls. They come with their immense knowledge as well as experience from working in the music industries. Just look at some of the courses they offer, and you’ll see what you can save on once you sign up.They also have their own forum called Plugged In, a community of professionals and students sharing and exchanging ideas. Yeah, right.In all seriousness, the factors that we believe sets our courses apart from the rest are our course principles: practical-oriented, fast-tracked and relevant content.All for something you pay only 100’s for instead of 10000’s.

The different programs they offered include varying combinations of these, depending on your goals of course.Nowadays in 343 Labs, they offer both Online and New York-based programs in areas like Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Synthesis, Mixing & Mastering and much more.This team of instructors has been around for a while, so they know what they’re doing.Personally, I have gotten a lot from the old Dubspot YouTube channel, especially when I was starting out, so their courses would be more than a slight improvement on that information.If you want more information on the full range of courses available from them, head over to their Like SAE, Full Sail is a holistic arts school, rather than just a music school.

He has also landed in the top 4 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list three times, and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2014.In the “Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music” master class, you’ll learn a staggering range of topics from the top DJ as it pertains to electronic dance music production. With an uncanny ability to crank out sizzling-hot tracks in a wide array of musical styles, Deadmau5 is at the forefront of the wave of EDM that currently has the world in its grip.Over the course of 23 video lessons, Deadmau5 provides detailed instructions on how to craft captivating melodies, cook up unique sounds, and mix and master tracks like the pros.