Off flecainide obviously and had index ablation in 9-19. Now I am wondering about taking another PIP (it's midnight here in NZ and I'm ready for bed) I just got up because lying on my back in bed bought on another cluster of AF. I read that you've had a cold and a cough.

The effects are often as bad as the disease, only you have them all of the time! 2018 Apr;175(8):1260-1278. doi: 10.1111/bph.13807. The cardiologist then put me on the Flecainide and Metropolol as a PIP. If it is deemed necessary, frequent and early plasma level monitoring is required to guide dosage and dosage increases should be made very cautiously when plasma levels have plateaued (after more than four days).Patients not adequately controlled by (or intolerant to) a dose given at 12 hour intervals may be dosed at 8 hour intervals.Flecainide is not dialyzable (0%-5%) via hemo- or peritoneal dialysis.

Re: How safe is PIP flecainide? The daily flecenaide works okay but occasionally after exercise I get palpitations and feel a bit dizzy -- not full AF but something not right -- so thinking of an ablation in a few years.

Prior Holter monitoring established that each patient had "stable" PVCs of at least 600/12 hr. All patients had 100% suppression of PVCs, ranging from 60 to 1440 minutes in duration. Please enable it to take advantage of the complete set of features!

In clinical trials and real-world use, flecainide has proven to be more effective than other AADs for the acute termination of recent onset AF.

My EP has talked about me going onto Flecainide. I have been taking Magnesium 600mg daily for sometime also Cq 10 and a mutivitamin and mineral supplement. I took 100 Flecainide and 1.25 Bisoprolol. 1980 Apr;27(4):464-70. doi: 10.1038/clpt.1980.65.Vanhaleweyk G, Balakumaran K, Lubsen J, Roelandt J, Hugenholtz PG.Cardiology. I don't think the benefit outweighs the risks of anti coagulation.That is an interesting approach I have never heard of anyone else who only takes anti coag when in episodes.Yes, that's very interesting, though it could also be argued - and either way - take it all the time or not at all. Jackie. Because flecainide and propafenone have been shown to be effective for acute conversion of AF when administered as an oral loading dose, 54, 62, 67 their use has been extended to intermittent self-administration by the patient, referred to as “pill-in-the-pocket” (PiP).

So wirkt Flecainid. My co workers know the alarm tone so I get reminders from them as well.

A few days ago I took one at the onset of afib. After being diagnosed with AF 18 months ago then stopping Flecainide altogether 8 months ago (remaining on Bisoprolol), I had a episode of AF.

I waited an hour for food and didn't eat in the afternoon. I'm very comfortable with decision to reduce, or even stop, anticoagulant. Elsevier Science I expect long-term drug therapy will cause other issues.Poor sleep could be an AF trigger (as it's an important part of many things that raise stress levels) and I struggled with this until I went onto Nutri Ultra Muscleze - a Mg supplement with potassium and L-Carintine and other stuff mixed in; that improved my sleep pattern. There is an exception (for me!) Although it is recommended in current medical guidelines as first-line therapy for patients without structural heart disease, the use of flecainide has been curtailed since the completion of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial. I'm confused! Available for Android and iOS devices.

Again, your responses are much appreciated. This worked well for me. I had been in full-time afib for several months before ablation and never formed a clot, either, but that's just me.