There are over 300 varieties of Japanese Kit Kats. Baked potato. Kit kat chocolate strawberry 12 bars 1 bags Japan importKit Kat Holiday Sweet Cinnamon Wafer Bars Miniatures Candy, 9 OzKit Kat Crisp Wafers in Birthday Cake Flavored White Creme with Sprinkles, 1.5 Oz, 24CountJapanese Kit Kat Sake Flavor Sweetness for Adults, mini 9 pcs (Japan Import) 2017 NEW Ver.Nestle Japan Kit Kat candy bars Comparison 8 Bags Random Set Variety Assortment 8 Bags Japanese chocolateNestlé Japan Kit Kat Mini Uji Matcha Tea Paper Bags13 bar, 2 bags Japan importJapanese Kit Kat Mini Bar 21 pcs , ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS Assortments (original green tea set)Japanese Kit Kat Maccha Green Tea Flavor 13 Mini Bar ( set of 3 )Kit kat chocolate Houjicha Japanese black tea 12 bars 1 bags Japan importNestle Japan Kit Kat Chocolate Sakura Japanese Sake Flavor 12 barsNestle Japan Kit Kat candy bars Comparison 6 Bags Random Set Variety Assortment 6 Bags Japanese chocolate Japan ImportJapanese Kit Kat - Sakura Masamune Daiginjo Sake Chocolate Box 5.2oz (12 Mini Bar) Kansai Limited EditionJapanese Snack Assortment 35 pcs of 27 types Full of"DAGASHI", OHIMESAMA Snack Selection (M)Apple Pie Kit Kat Bar White Chocolate Limited Edition Case of 24 1.5 oz BarsJapanese Kit Kat Sake Flavor Assortments Sweetness for Adults mini bar 9 pcs x 2 boxs (Original Green Tea Set)Nestle Japan Kit Kat Chocolate Mini Iyokan Orange Flavor 12 barsKit Kat Chocolate Mini Ichigo-Daifuku Flavor 11 barsNestlé Japan Kit Kat Mini Yuzu Sake 9 pieces Japan ImportKit kat chocolate Matcha dark green tea 13 bars 2 bags Japan import【Tokyo souvenir】Nestle Japan KitKat Mini Rum Raisin (12 Mini Bar) [Japan Import]Kit Kat Apple Pie Flavor (Halloween version) (12 bars)Japanese Kit Kat - Shinshu Apple Chocolate Box 5.2oz (12 Mini Bar)Birthday Cake Kit Kat Bar White Chocolate Limited Edition 4 Pack 1.5 Oz BarsKit Kat Duos Halloween Candy, Mint & Dark Chocolate, Ships With Cool Packs, 1.5 Ounce (24 Count)Apple Pie Kit Kat Bar White Chocolate Limited Edition 4 Pack 1.5 Oz BarsJapanese Kit Kat 16 pcs TONOSAMA selection, ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS. These aren't just delicious foods; they are also flavors of Kit Kat candy. They make great souvenirs as they are light, have beautiful packaging, and come in individually wrapped small bites which makes sharing easy and hygienic. 4.2 out of 5 stars 85. 3.9 out of 5 stars 33. Japanese Kit Kat Maccha Green Tea Flavor 13 Mini Bar ( set of 3 ) 4.6 out of 5 stars 218. Be sure to try as many flavors as you can the next time you can get your hands on some Japan-only Kit Kats! There have also been Kit Kat products developed for fund-raising for disaster-relief in Japan, where 10 yen for every bag purchased is donated to the cause. For the past ten years, I’ve been growing my collection.

99 ($22.99/Count) FREE Shipping. Over the past 20 years, Nestlé has introduced hundreds of flavors of Kit Kat bars in Japan, all because of a fortuitous linguistic coincidence. by TONOSAMA CANDYJapanese Kit-Kat Mini Autumn chestnut 12 bars Japan chocolateKitkat Kit kat Nestle Japanese Sakura Sake NIHONSHU 12piece chocolate20 Japanese Kit Kat & Tirol Chocolate Gift bag Japanese candyJapanese Kit Kat Strawberry Cheeze Cake Box 4.2oz (9 Mini Bar)Kit Kat Halloween Candy Assortment, Dark & Milk Chocolate, w/ White Crème Miniatures Assortment, Party Bag, 2 PoundsNestle Kit Kat Snack Size Halloween Version Imported from Canada - 30ct/375gKit Kat Orange-Colored Halloween Treats Snack Size Candy, 10.29 ozKitKat Miniatures Crisp Wafers in Milk Chocolate Snack Size (Pack of 2 Pounds)KitKat TOKYO BANANA flavor 15 packs in original boxNestle KitKat Sakura Kinako 12 pieces x 2 bags [Japan Import]【3 piece set】 KitKat Hokkaido melon Mascarpone cheese included mini size 3 pieces in the airport only [Japan Import]Japanese Kit Kat Cookies & Cream mini 13 pcs 2017 summer limited version

The beautiful gift boxes, which contain a variety of flavors from the Chocolatory series, make a perfect present to take back home.Do be aware that the limited-edition flavors are a hot commodity, and can sell out unexpectedly fast, especially from supermarkets and convenience stores. 10. Collecting Kit Kats is a fun thing to add to your to-do list in Japan, so let’s take a look at these unique flavors and where you can find them! Several flavors are available online through various online retailers, but some of them can only be bought in person, so if you see a flavor you like be sure to snap it up when you can!Japan took the modest Kit Kat and ran, making it a product that both locals and travelers love, even if the travelers already have Kit Kats in their home countries. It’s a well-balanced wafer bar with just the right amount of sweetness and sourness. Soy sauce. These aren't just delicious foods; they are also flavors of Kit Kat candy. Nestle Japan Kit Kat Chocolate Sakura Japanese Sake Flavor 12 bars. Wasabi Kit Kats Kit Kats are King in Japan, with flavors from Sweet Potato to Custard Pudding it's no surprise that Japan also made Wasabi flavored Kit Kats! The economy may be sour, the tech lead may have disappeared and the population may be shrinking, but as long as there is a wasabi flavored Kit Kat, Japan can still claim a super advanced culture.

Soy sauce. Sure, you could travel there just to try a few or you could simply buy this cool new Japanese Kit Kat Variety Party Box instead. There was an abundance of unusual suggestions including breast milk, stroopwafel, and mi goreng instant noodles. Nestle Japan hasn't let Covid-19 get in the way of creating amazing new Kit Kat flavors. Kit Kats are the most popular confectionery treat in Japan, according to AdAge. About Japanese Kit Kats The Japa