Learn more about the background of losartan and its possible side effects. I’m almost certain its because of the losartan bp medication.I have been taking this medication for several years but it seems not to change my blood pressureI was taking Losartan in March of this year and each time I took it my blood pressure spiked. Left Aetna and joined Kaiser and left kidney was removed because of cancer in Oct. 2016. I was having stomach pain, fast heart beat, pressure fluctuations normal to high, headaches, insomnia, lower back and hip pain. There was blood in my urine and a spot on the left kidney. The company is only recalling batches of Losartan that contain more than the acceptable daily intake levels of NMBA set by the FDA. After a couple of months I noticed that my blood pressure became uncontrollable . I waited until my pain subside. I started having chest pains. In 2010, the patent ran out on the drug and the first generic formulations of losartan potassium tablets With the growing number of people with hypertension, losartan has become an increasingly popular drug. Have had bladder cancer in 2018 and surgery to remover it. Other drugs in this family include valsartan, irbesartan, and candesartan.The drug works to treat high blood pressure by blocking a hormone called angiotensin II. !I have been taking this drug for about two or more yearsLasartan has destroyed my life. Had part of kidney removed due to cancer.In 2019 December I travelled from Australia to Hawaii for my wedding. Drs are throwing around the word cancer and were STILL not getting any clear answers. These generic equivalents are supposed to be of equal quality and equal safety,” the lawsuit notes. The Dr. That prescribed it to me “swares that it has less side-affects than any other BP on the market. This was followed by a recall by Legacy in March, affecting 40 lots of Losartan Tablets also tainted with NMBA.The complaint notes that the presence of the impurity means that they are not equivalent to the original brand-name drugs they are modeled after, which never had this problem.“Generic drugs reach the market when the brand-name version of the drug comes off patent, and other competitors are able to seek approval for, market, and sell bioequivalent versions of the brand-name drug. I didn’t go . Eventually, Losartan became the first successful angiotensin II antagonist drug in 1986. Now I have a medical bill I cant pay and ever since my brain does not feel the same as before. Additionally, Legacy expanded its recall to include 1 additional lot of Losartan tablets due to the detection of NMBA. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in october 2016. Medical costs have been extreme and I’m in limbo not knowing if it will come back or not, Scans now every six months.I have been on losartan for at least 10 years.2012 I ended up with bladder cancerBeen on losartin and hyzaar for years. Not sure if I have any recourse at this point. but as I have checked my gums are bleeding and occasionally have blood in my pee.Side effects of recalled valsartan may increase the risk of cancer, due to an impurity discovered in certain generic versions of the hypertension drug.Side effects of Elmiron have been associated with vision loss and retina damage known as pigmentary maculopathy.Exposure to firefighting foam chemicals may result in an increased risk of cancer for firefighters, military and airport personnel.Side effects of Zantac may increase the risk of cancer, due to chemical impurities found in the heartburn drug.Side effects of Belviq may increase the risk of cancer, resulting in a diet drug recall and lawsuits.Women have reported problems where Paragard IUD fractured or broken during removal, resulting in serious injury.Side effects of recalled valsartan may increase the risk of cancer, due to an impurity discovered in certain generic versions of the hypertension drug.Recalled Medtronic MiniMed insulin pumps have been linked to reports of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and other serious injuries.Nicotine addiction and severe lung injuries from JUUL and vaping products have resulted in lawsuits against manufacturers of e-cigarettes.Talcum powder or talc powder may cause women to develop ovarian cancer.Problems with 3M Combat Arms earplugs have resulted in cases of military hearing loss.This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Provide additional contact information if you want an attorney to review your comments and contact you about a potential case.