Hey guys, Dude thanks so much for meeting me in Denver last month! Unsulfured (?) Dissolve the molasses in hot water or you'll be forever trying to mix it. When feeding with molasses you are feeding those microbes what it is no longer receiving from the plant roots. I am also super jealous of his lab coat and sideburns. When I use molasses, I stop using it 2 weeks before harvest, right after I flush. Growers Love, BAKERHarley Smith is one smart mother fucker I’d hang out with. from the baking aisle is fine. on The power of using molasses into the last 2 weeks of floweringThe power of using molasses into the last 2 weeks of floweringLooking for the best way of adding CO2 to your grow tent? Love the passion he brings as well, you can tell he really loves bringing this knowledge to people and it leads to him being an outstanding teacher. I was reading about using black-strap molasses for the sugar additions at the end. During week 6 & 7, I use Advanced Nutrients Bloom at 3ml/L and Advanced Nutrients Overdrive at 1ml/L, Unsulphured Molasses at 2ml/L It’s a good idea to keep checking your pistils this late into flowering, the longer you leave them flowering, the darker the pistils will turn and this produces a stronger ‘couch-lock’ type high. I hope I explained this half as well as Harley Smith would. And if you want to learn more you Harley always says at the end of his videos that you can email or even call him.

however, perfecting the sugar levels for your phenotypes can be tricky but if done correctly the rewards are amazing.Sugar production is one of the most important factors when aiming to increase yields, It may seem odd as sugar isn’t touched on much when talking about increasing yields, the bulk of the discussion is usually centred around nutrient schedules and fancy lighting but experienced cannabis growers will agree that sugars Adding molasses as a sugar source directly into the nutrient feed is a great option, however, for optimum results, we recommend implementing some other known methods which are proven to help increase and redirect sugar production:By far one of the most popular methods of naturally boosting sugar production is defoliation (also known as trimming), this process speeds up natural sugar production by redirecting sugars to the buds rather than the newly removed leaves.Way cool! A good starting point can be 4–5ml of molasses per litre of water. I think he would be a great guest on the DGS. Hint: A secret grower tip is to add a bit of regular blackstrap molasses (a teaspoon or two per gallon) to your water during the last week or two of flowering as a cheap yet effective alternative to those expensive supplements that improve bud flavor. Once a plant starts to ripen the “sugar” exudates that the plants usually feed the microbes with slows down and eventually stops. I have been in Mendocino now for about 6 weeks.

They are to help continue feeding the microbes in the soil. I never thought of using molasses that way but it totally makes sense.Totally agree about Harley Smith too, that guy knows his stuff and those videos are full of great knowledge. Also adding to the mineral content and medicinal content of the final product. Best decision I ever made! We’ve Sugars and starches play a massive role in the development of not only cannabis plants, but all plants! Molasses should only be used as teas, (molasses in a tea gives the microbes a quick meal) unless amending soil for next year's grow. I appreciate you writing this write-up and also the rest of the site is very good. This works for soil and coco coir, but not hydroponic setups. Currently working on outdoor organic farm.

Moved to Mendo in 2016 from Florida. Later, when your plants are flowering, you can increase the dosage a bit, since your cannabis plant will need more potassium. Once a plant starts to ripen the “sugar” exudates that the plants usually feed the microbes with slows down and eventually stops. Carbs can help feed those microbes when the plant stops exuding them.Dude finally an answer that makes the fuck sense. Should I use molasses during the last 2 weeks of flowering? On growweedeasy.com they say, “For last 2-3 weeks before harvest, give 1/2 tsp of Blackstrap Molasses per gallon when watering (for soil or coco coir) Giving this to your plants for the last few weeks before harvest can help them get bigger and smell/taste better”. I am working on a cannabis farm here and loving it!