Thousands of middle aged men who suffer from the common condition of an enlarged prostate could be spared surgery thanks to a new 20-minute steam treatment. Most patients experience urinary frequency, urgency, and even retention. The new treatment- called Rezum- cuts the ... Ring The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or email The entire procedure takes about one hour to perform and patients go home the same day.With blood supply reduced, the prostate begins to shrink, relieving pressure on the urethra. By age 80, the likelihood of having prostrate enlargement will have reached nearly 90 percent. The surgery option, currently undergone by around The two-hour treatment is called prostate artery embolisation. Refined over the past decade, there is a little-known third option offered by interventional radiologists for men with prostrate enlargement. Treatments focus on prostate growth, which is the cause of BPH symptoms. It takes time for patients and doctors to adopt it as a standard option for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia."

It’s unclear whether this new prostate treatment will make it over to the United States any time in the immediate future. This has a long-term impact, and can potentially cause problems including urine infections and damage to the kidneys or bladder.At the moment, the only treatments are drugs or surgery.

This works to block the blood supply to the prostate, causing it to shrink. 6 7 By age 80, the likelihood of having prostrate enlargement will have reached nearly 90 percent.

"One patient told us that during a typical round of golf, he would need to stop either every hole or every other hole to urinate. Now he can go an entire round of golf without stopping. For men over 60, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)—more commonly known as prostate enlargement—is a common and uncomfortable condition. With nine out of ten men anticipating some symptoms due to enlarged prostate in their lifetimes, eliminating the side-effects associated with treatment changes the picture. Recent studies have shown that close to 90 percent of patients demonstrate improvement after PAE, with many patients showing up to ten years of good long-term results.

"Only recently has it been acknowledged as an excellent and safe option for patients based on multiple papers that have been published on the topic. One-third of men with mild BPH find that their symptoms clear up without treatment. Although there is no cure for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate, there are many useful options for treating the problem. "Prostate enlargement affects approximately 50 percent of men between the ages of 51 and 60. A new treatment for non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate has been recommended by the The condition is common among older men, affecting more than a third over the age of 50 – a number that jumps to 80 per cent of men at the age of 80.An enlarged prostate is uncomfortable – it reduces bladder capacity and means several night-time toilet trips. Called PAE is an image-guided procedure, which means that interventional radiologists use X-ray and other imaging techniques to guide catheters to the exact area of the body being treated. It involves inserting hundreds of very small (0.2mm) plastic beads into a blood vessel in the groin. Until recently, treatments involved either medication or surgery, both of which come along with a host of side effects that include dizziness, bleeding, erectile dysfunction, and urinary incontinence. With PAE, a catheter is inserted through a tiny incision in the patient's wrist or groin and guided to the blood vessels that feed the prostrate. "PAE has only been around for eight or nine years," says Dr. Sperling. © 2020 JPIMedia Publications Ltd. Based on all these factors, NICE has given the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to begin offering Rezum as a treatment for men with enlarged prostate. It’s a simple procedure, carried out under local anaesthetic  – with no overnight stay in the hospital.A trial has been running at 18 NHS centres in the UK and the treatment has just been approved by Dr Nigel Hacking who has been involved in leading the trials “I hope with NICE’s recommendations released today, that more centres will be able to introduce PAE services in the not too distant future.”It could be a mainstream offering within the next two years, but it’s worth remembering that the treatment is only for enlargement of the prostate, not All rights reserved. Prostate enlargement affects approximately 50 percent of men between the ages of 51 and 60. New procedures are less invasive than many older choices, with good results and comfortable recovery. This is a new procedure, called a minimally invasive treatment. Recovery time is minimal because there is no invasive surgery involved. Then, tiny round particles are injected into the blood vessels, reducing the blood flow to the prostate.

A new treatment for non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate has been recommended by the NHS.. You may hear ... website 2 3 TREATMENT FOR AN ENLARGED PROSTATE ... PS-36309-Spotlight on treatment for enlarged prostate-A5-JG.indd 5-6 19/12/2017 10:12. If your enlarged prostate symptoms are mild and not bothersome, there's likely no need for treatment. A new five-minute steam treatment for an enlarged prostate has been hailed as a breakthrough by NHS surgeons following tests on British patients..