I am hollow, but looking to move on. I used to take Effexor for depression and it was the same the 1st few weeks until I finally felt some benefits. “I am a two tour Navy veteran of the Vietnam conflict diagnosed through the Veterans Administration with PTSD.

I was Training at 6 years old, I was a Marksman, a Black belt at 8, and by 24 years old I was a deep cover operative. “I was on 10mg prozac an it was horrible ,the intensity was life caused me shivering, fever, serious anxiety, heart pounding, mental concerns on racing thoughts. On the upside I have had fewer war related nightmares and have been more calm and rational. The pain was so debilitating that I was forced to discontinue use.

Available for Android and iOS devices. “I'm on fluoxetine 20 mg a day for a year and no change in my depression. The anxiety became more prevalent in my 20’s. Prozac just simply help my mood, I could be in the mood to talk. I will try to push my way to at least 2 weeks and see if I can manage. My initial dosage was set at 60mg daily.

It’s okay to depend on medications for awhile or for a lifetime, whatever works for you.” However, Prozac is also expensive which can really affect the public’s preference towards it. I am using Xanax, Zoloft, and Adderall for my 'Suicidal thoughts'.

I felt nothing although mentally I knew I had loved him dearly and cared about him a great deal. “27year old male. Why Are Dementia Patients Getting Risky Psychiatric Drugs? Prozac did it’s job. Hiding my past, I lived 2 lives. This was my experience with this drug and I’m an individual, so take everything with a grain of salt.” It’s always like this for SSRIs meds and it sucks. I can deal with the side effects because this medicine helps me function. Doctors put me on 20mg Prozac and I sworn that an hour later I felt sweats, light sensitivity and so disoriented. Prozac is not a happy pill. I've spent a month feeling like I'm going absolutely out of my mind, the depression and anxiety and obsessive behaviors have been ramped up times 1000%. Why Are Dementia Patients Getting Risky Psychiatric Drugs? Some people have an opposite reaction, and have flat feeling. I started at 10mg. For sure it’s no miracle cure, but I was less empty and less tired. Reviews and ratings for Prozac when used in the treatment of anxiety and stress.

“My first month and a half on it, I felt like a total zombie. “I have been on fluoxetine for approx. I have no side effects at all” I had very little side effects.

I had to trust my gut as felt the Prozac was the variable taking my anxiety to the next level and making me feel like I was absolutely losing my mind. I haven’t felt any different whatsoever, I still can not find the motivation to get out of bed or even leave my house. No dark, paranoid thoughts! He said while I was on it I would look at him with a blank stare while he was talking & not really reply or just ignore him altogether. Doubled my dose and for a week I felt productive then my tolerance caught up. Then I started Prozac at 10mg and then up to 40 mg. Three years later, I was finally able to get my life back together. “It’s the first time ever I am leaving a review for something because i thought i owe that to myself and lots of people who are uncertain or hopeless, “I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder 2 months ago and have been taking Prozac ever since.

However, I experienced a significant decrease in sexual desire, and also was completely unable to achieve sexual climax while taking the medication. When it's not taken or if I miss one or 2 days, I can tell, mentally sluggish, the depression of not feeling anything. It is confusing and I'm going to go see my doctor about it.” 316 reviews submitted with a 7.4 average score. Generally, my depression fears its head by way of angry outburst, but I haven’t had an outburst at all since starting these meds (and believe me, I’ve been tested & tried - lol). This drug very well may have saved my life and I'm so grateful I finally found something that works!” I tried to kill myself twice. I started self harming, and my relationships (especially with … “My mental illnesses that started when I was 13 & I had my first attempted suicide and ended up in a long term hospital for treatment. From 14-22 years old I tried so many different medications and none of them worked so for several years I didn't take anything at all. Maura's primary care physician had put her on Prozac two years earlier because she'd been feeling anxious and weepy whenever she drove on highways. I can't remember the last time I've been this suicidal. “While it did help my depression, it made me gain 30 lbs & made me a walking zombie. It takes several months for Prozac to take effect. Not for me!” I also suffer from anxiety. For once in my life I feel normal! Now I feel much better.” The first month of being on it is very nice. Select one or more newsletters to continue.