A seizure is a burst of electrical activity in your brain. All of which I later learned deter seizures. Not all CBD oil is Created EQUAL. Switching treatment is a careful process. Once the washout period is over, usually you’ll start with a low dose of the new drug. However, not everyone will feel better with the first antidepressant they try. The last medication he was on was KEPPRA and I hated the side effects with a passion. I use charlottes Webb CBD that has little to no traceable THC (and is legal in all 50 states). Well I happen to sell CBD oil, from CTFO CBD.

Drinking water is also good. Tried to have my meal with a 2-hour window.

Meditation as well also helps. There's something out there for everyone, it just might take some time to find it. These are supplements so they are not regulated by the FDA. I basically fought and took control of my seizure. Combination of both Isolate along with the full spectrum. You got down to 250 once a day. I have only had a handful of seizures over the past 7 years. I did the normal tests, sleep study, EEG, even mri i think. They have a website I believe but they are on Facebook!so you know only 1 seizure can kill you, be carefulWhat is a good CBD oil my son is having them and he is 2250 mg of keppra... he has real bad to were he eats his tongue. HelpHow to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? But it is still illegal in some states. Thanks!CBD is Legal in all 50 states. and was looking for other options. The rest is history! All these helped me with my seizures, short-tempered and depression. It is tough to keep track of your daily sleep and meals. Sleep time 7 days a week. Slowly tapering off your antidepressant can help you avoid these symptoms.By gradually reducing the dose of the drug over a period of four or more weeks, you’ll give your body time to adapt before you switch to a new drug.A washout period is the waiting time of a few days or weeks after stopping the old drug before starting the new one. I stopped smoking marijuana (which I loved) in 2002 because of where alcohol and cocaine had left  me and misinformation from people addicted to coffee and cigarettes in Narcotics anonymous with other mental issues that had nothing to do with drugs (hypocracy$$$). Yes, very bad idea. All rights reserved. The kind I am taking (charlotte's web) has no traceable THC, so I think that the THC might be the appetite part of things ;). I have had seizures for epilepsy for 44 years. That level is to keep you from having a breakthrough seizure if a dose is laken late or even missed. He was a famous Russian writer that battled with epilepsy in Europe in the 1800’s b4 meds. But then the stressful headaches  and seizures started 7-8 years later. Like Van Gogh, he expresses his life with epilepsy through his work/art. We Do NOT use a heating extracting processes, how many do. I went back to college and it was the kids that taught me that cannabis stops seizures.

She constantly See's people and talks to them and sometimes it gets very emotional for her because they scare her or make her angry and she yells at them. I am about to quit again because I was getting more angry and temperamental and short tempered. I cut down salt and mainly SUGAR.

I’m from the ghetto of the south Bronx nyc and  you have to sink or swim here. (spikes, waves, epileptiforn or seizure activity)CBD oil has helped some people and testing is still being done on it. It works for me but I had to dig and search inside of me, not google for that one.

I’m talking the 80’s when cannabis was treated by the police like crack!! Thanks again for sharing.Hey Julia,I'm glad I found your post because this situation applies to me as well! Just after Thanksgiving in 2011, I was 14 weeks pregnant with my last child and had my first seizure during my sleep. But I try to respect others because I remember when I was on my NA BS, everyone who smoked cannabis was beneath me in my crazy world. I have been researching and going through my own journey for two years now-CBD oil on its own did not stop my seizures.

A disease which predates theBible and in which cannabis is prescribed on several occasions but Drs ignore. You got down to 250 once a day. My tests were normal too (yes!!) Good Luck Julia. !Anonynous, you are not alone...as you can see there are plenty of people going through the same thing. Your doctor will slowly increase the dose, tapering up until it starts to relieve your symptoms.Changing from one antidepressant to another can cause side effects.

The hemp plant is what is called a "sewage plant" meaning that it absorbs any and everything in the soil including toxins and metals. It seems to be helpful to many people but I'm afraid to stop taking keppra altogether as I have not had a seizure for years and don't want to have another one. They had to find their own answers too and I now believe this led them to their Greatness!! I don't think that's the only cause but no one is even willing to consider it - just as you said it's always "just take the medicine or try something else." Sleep time 7 days a week. I’m a black belt in martial arts and do some form of physical activity everyday, even if it’s just a walk. With that being said, I've done a lot of research on CBD recently (not that the internet is always the best source of information, I know).