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85Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsBredäng2016-11-26AB · SVT Firecrackers thrown into mosque in Bredäng, Stockholm, while swastikas and racist calls to action (kill all muslims) were spray painted on the facade and inside the mosque.
84FireSigtuna2016-10-21Metro · Omni · Omni · TT · UNT · SDS · DN · DN · DN · AB A villa in Sigtuna was arsoned the night to friday. The house was functioning as a refugee accomodation and was evacuated during the fire. None of the inhabitants were injured during the fire, which was started outside and demanded a 20-something crew of fire fighters.
83Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsVärmdö2016-02-07NVP An old Salvation Army centre was planned for use as a refugee accomodation awaiting demolition. After the plan was leaked the centre was heavily vandalised sometime between 7 and 10 February. Most windows were smashed, furniture was thrown out, doors were kicked in and the toilets were broken.
82FireFagersjö2016-10-16Omni · Omni · Exp · SR · SVT · AB · Omni · Omni · DN Refugee accomodation destroyed in 12 hour fire following an arson attack during the night. The police will investigate what started the fire. This is the third attack or incident directed towards refugee accomodations in Fagersjö during 2016. There is your connection.
81Threats / OtherFagersjö2016-10-15Exp Attempted arson at refugee accomodation in Fagersjö. A container of oil was put in an oven which was later turned on. No fire because staff noticed what was going on and stopped the incident. The refugee accomodation was arsoned the following night and has now been destroyed.
80Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsSlite2016-10-05Exp Refugee accomodation had windows smashed with stones after attack instigated by nazis inciting against refugees. A woman in wheelchair was gang raped, which is now used as an excuse by these nazis. The situation on the island has been getting worse which has led police to call for a Special Event; a code which allows them to use more resources and different tactics than in normal circumstances.
79FireVallentuna2016-10-02AB · SVT · Exp Fire by planned refugee accomodation, Vallentuna (Stockholm). Materials on the outside of a house was set on fire but the flames never made it to the house itself before they were put out. Some burns on the outside of the house and a cracked window were the results. Police are investigating arson. The planned accomodations have previously been mentioned in blogs that incite hatred towards refugees.
78FireGöteborg2016-09-29SR Mobile home on fire at the planned halfway accomodation for refugees at Lilleby Camping, Gothenburg. Police are investigating arson. No people hurt.
77FireFarsta2016-09-05StockholmDirekt · StockholmDirekt · StockholmDirekt · Mitti Burning cross on a hill near a refugee accomodation in Farsta, Stockholm. The police are comparing the incident to methods used by the Ku Klux Klan. It is worth to mention that the incident was perpetrated in 2016-09-05 but wasn't reported until 2016-09-22.
76Minors: FireKungsbacka2016-09-10SR Arson at Lerkil pre-school after flyers talking about conversion to refugee asylum. These rumours are wrong. Date is unclear, but sometime during the weekend of september 10-11.
75Minors: Threats / OtherBorås2016-05-01SVT · SVT · BT · BT Teenage girl attacked in Borås. The attacker tried to remove her veil. Date is unclear and case was shut down by police, but has been reopened due to later attacks.
74Minors: Threats / OtherBorås2016-09-09SVT · SVT · BT · BT Teenage girl cut in arm following an attack in Borås. The girl has been attacked previously by the same attacker in a case closed by the police due to not being able to identify the attacker. The case has been re-opened and the police are investigating a hate crime.
73Minors: FireMariestad2016-09-04SVT · AB · Omni · Mariestadstidningen Söderåsen old school was burned to the ground in arson attack. The house was newly renovated and prepared to house unaccompanied minors. Extensive damage to the entire building, which is basically burnt out. In connection with the fire two men were seeing leaving the area on a motorcycle at speed. No injuries reported.
72Minors: FireFarsta2016-08-26AB · Vi i Väsby · Vi i Väsby · Vi i Väsby · SVT · Exp · SR · Omni · DN Barracks on fire by a school (Gubbängsskolan) in Farsta, Stockholm. Information has been published about operations regarding refugees in the locations, but the newly built barracks were not finished and thus unused.
71FireÅstorp2016-08-10DN Police are investigating arson in refugee accomodation in Åstorp, Scania. The fire initiated outside, spreading along the walls and towards the roof. No injuries, no suspects.
70Threats / OtherHalmstad2016-07-28Metro · SVT Two people assaulted and beaten with some kind of blunt objects in attack on refugee accomodation in Halmstad. Police are investigating the case as aggravated assault.
69Minors: Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsBacke, Strömsund2016-07-28SVT · SVT · SVT · AB · ÖP · ÖP · SR · SR · LT · LT · AB · SvD · ÖSm · SDS A group of refugees, including children, were fired upon and beaten when they were about to take photos of animals on a farm. Back at the refugee accomodation polise were called but decided not to dispatch (in spite of the shooting). The person involved in the shooting is not only said to be a member of the Sweden 'Democrats' and closely linked to nazi organisations in the region but also the individual behind the racist site Fjällsjö Nyheter (Fjällsjö News).
68Minors: FireFalköping2016-08-02AB · Exp · FT · SVT · SN · GD · SLA · SLA · Omni · SR · Krisinfo · Falköping Preschool which has previously served as transit housing for refugee families with small children, has burned to the ground. People have been requested to stay indoors due to the risk of toxic gases. Police are investigating arson while also asking the public for help and for any witnesses to come forth.
67Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsEskilstuna2016-08-01@researchgruppen · Ekuriren · AF Well known nazi activist apprehended with molotov cocktails, bangers and a smoke bomb in his car. Former member of the nazi party SvP and Blood & Honour.Police suspect preparation for aggravated arson.
66Minors: Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsMariestad2016-07-26Mariestadstidningen Hate attack towards refugee housing for unaccompanied minors. Three 'bearded and very inebriated men' took to breaking housing windows and doors. Police are treating this as a hate crime.
65Threats / OtherLöttorp, Öland2016-07-19Barometern · AB · DN · SDS Bus driver who has repeatedly denied refugees access to his bus was filmed assaulting an asylum seeker with kicks and knee-blows while shouting 'you bloody pig' and 'i hate you, you damned pigs!', etc. The driver has been suspended from his duties.
64Minors: Threats / OtherVarberg2016-07-14AF · AB · DN · SDS Man uses his dog to attack two unaccompanied refugee boys, proceeds to attack the police officers there to apprehend him, damaging their patrol car in the process.
63FireMariannelund / Eksjö2016-07-02NA · Exp · Omni · SR · AF · HN Molotov cocktail thrown at apartment block car port by refugee housing in Mariannelund, Eksjö. Four families live in the premises, but fortunately no physical injuries. Police are investigating arson.
62Minors: FireVäxjö2016-06-25Exp (unvis.it) · AB · SMP · SDS · DN Växjö Islamic School suffered total damage in violent fire. The school has a multi cultural profile with 200 pupils from more than eight countries, aged 7 to 12. Police are investigating arson.
61Threats / OtherSkattkärr2016-06-19VF Young woman attacked and beaten with a rock during walk. Police are investigating hate crime and attempted rape.
60Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsEnskede / Stockholm2016-06-13Mitti Explosion by house after house owner confronted nazi putting leaflets in mail boxes.
59Threats / OtherStockholm2016-06-13AB · SVT · Expo · Svt Some 50-odd individuals attacked a group of people outside of mosque in Södermalm, Stockholm. Police investigate as hate crime.
58Threats / OtherGöteborg2016-06-12GP (unvis.it) Football match for junior players stopped after other teams coach shouted racist slurs and threats towards the opposing team.
57Threats / OtherÅrsta / Stockholm2016-06-11SVT Swastikas painted outside store where romanian woman usually sits.
56Threats / OtherGöteborg2016-06-11GP (unvis.it) Nazis assault man with 'flag pole' (bludgeoning weapon)
55Minors: Threats / OtherBurseryd2016-06-07VN Multiple threats, both oral and written, combined with slow bureaucreacy have stopped a planned accomodation for unaccompanied refugee children.

Note: The threats have been directed not only to the accomodation but towards the people who were to manage it.
54Minors: FireInsjön2016-06-06@b9ace · AB · SVT · SVT · SVT · SR · Exp (unvis.it) Planned accomodations for 14 unaccompanied child refugees completely destroyed in Arson attack, approximately a week after infomeeting was held.
53Minors: Threats / OtherSträngnäs2016-06-05SVT Possible arson prepared in accomodations for unaccompanied minors. Coals soaked in kerosene / fuel found by one of the facilities walls. .
52Minors: Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsEnskede / Stockholm2016-06-04SVT Football field vandalised days before a tournament in which unaccompanied minors were to play against Swedish youth.
51Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsLandskrona2016-05-19AF Attack with explosives on refugee accomodations in Koppargården, Landskrona. Witnesses describe masked men who threw an explosive object, which subsequently detonated, onto a balcony.
50Minors: FireÅstorp2016-05-15Lokaltidningen · Exp (unvis.it) Burning swastika outside unaccompanied refugee minors home, follows several cases of rocks thrown at it.
49FireGävle2016-04-30SVT · SvD · HP · VF · YA · Smp · KB · Arbl · Metro · AB · SR Arson attack towards the mosque of Gävle. Fire in entrance put out by people in the vicinity.
48FireNorberg2016-04-27SVT Police have secured evidence in attempted arson towards asylum shelter in Norberg.
47Threats / OtherEmmaboda2016-04-26Barometern · Barometern · SVT · SR · SVT · SVT · AB · SVT · Expo · SVT News about a 'skirmish' on the asylum accomodation Hotel Amigo in Emmaboda were quickly replaced by the news of a police officer (apparently wrongfully) apprehending a person while directing racist slurs toward this person who was also beaten by said police. The explanation has been that 'a threatening person was removed from the premises' but have been proven with lies by recordings made by the person in question.
46Minors: FireViksjö2016-04-25AF · SVT · Allehanda · AB · Exp (unvis.it) Old school of Viksjö burned down after second arson attack in a very short time.
45Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsKöping2016-04-24Exp (unvis.it) Man severely battered after vandalism towards the Arabian friendship organisation's facilities in Köping.
44Minors: Threats / OtherKungälv / Göteborg2016-04-23GP (Unvis.it) Threats towards refugee housings for unaccompanied minors. Unvis.it b/c GP now is more or less supporters of fascism.
43Minors: Threats / OtherTorslanda2016-04-23GP (Unvis.it) Threats towards refugee housings for unaccompanied minors. Unvis.it b/c GP now is more or less supporters of fascism.
42Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsSvalöv2016-04-15SkD Two heavy stones thrown at asylum accomodation in Svalöv. Vandalism/malicious damage.
41Minors: FireTjörnarp2016-04-15AF · SKD · SDS · Exp (unvis.it) · polisen.se New arson attack directed towards accomodation for unaccompanied minors. A newspaper distributor reported fire in two buildings to the authorities. The fire is the second towards this accomodation, last one was not six months ago in October 30 2015. Same method to ignite fire was used last time.
40FireEskilstuna2016-04-10Ekuriren · Ekuriren Four caravans / mobile homes burnt down in arson attack directed towards Roma families.
39Minors: FireMalmö2016-04-09DN · SDS · AB Fire in arabic school Al-Salamah in Malmö. A car leaving the premises nearly ran over a police officer who opened fire. The car did not stop.
38Minors: FireViksjö2016-04-09Allehanda Arson attack on school being rebuilt to housing for unaccompanied minors.
37Threats / OtherMalmö2016-04-08SDS · SDS · Nätverket för Romers Rättigheter (facebook) · Nätverket för Romers Rättigheter (facebook) · Centrum för Sociala Rättigheter Note: This incident has been inserted after repeated harrassment from Swedish police, directed toward the roma people in Malmö. Roma people participating in an ongoing protest have not been allowed to protest, to sit, or even to sleep (which is considered a torture method by e.g. Amnesty International) on this, the Roma/Romani national day(!).
36Threats / OtherHallstavik2016-04-08DN Man in his sixties tried to stab a man playing football with the children of his brother. The attacker lives nearby the refugee housing where the attacked man and the children live.
35FireLaxå2016-04-04VF 68 y/o male apprehended on suspicion of arson. No damages to people, fire was started in office space off-hours.
34Minors: Threats / OtherKarlstad2016-04-04VF Racist notes and pictures of Hitler put up on future accomodation for unaccompanied minors
33FireSäffle2016-04-03Polisen · SVT Fire in basement, probably arson attack according to police.
32FireKnivsta2016-04-02UNT Masked man wearing wig tried to set fire to a caravan with sleeping family inside. 12 y/o who happened to be in the bathroom area alerted the family.
31FireMalmö2016-03-31SDS · AB Aggravated arson towards the Syrian restaurant Tanoor by Möllevångstorget in Malmö. The foundation for the restaurant has been the possibility to offer job opportunities for Syrian refugees.
30Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsVästerås2016-03-29N24 Car vandalised by scratching racist slurs and swastikas onto the paint.
29Minors: FireKortedala2016-03-30GP · SDS · Exp (unvis.it) · AB Arson targets future accomodations for unaccompanied minors. Empty building.
28FireÅkers Styckebruk / Strängnäs2016-03-24AB · DN · SVT · SVT · SR · polisen.se · SvD · N24 Arson against planned refugee housing in Åkers Bruk Klippan, S Sweden. Burglar alarm went off before fire started.
27Minors: Threats / OtherSkivarp2016-03-23SkD Fascist mob 'Soldiers of Odin'(sic) have been 'patroling' outside of the accomodations for unaccompanied minors in Skivarp. Eight to ten people and one shepherd dog have been seen around the premises.
26Minors: FireGunnabo2016-03-16SR · SR Fire in basement in housing for unaccompanied minors. Police are investigating.
25FireMalmö2016-03-15SDS Arson in cleaning utensils closet in Heleneholm, Malmö. Approximated date.
24Threats / OtherVänersborg / Restad Gård2016-03-12GP Drunken man armed with knife apprehended at the migration offices facilities. The man explained he was seeking conflict with asylum seekers. Restad gård was attacked in similar fashion november 2015.
23Minors: FireKlippan2016-03-12AB · SVT · SDS Arson against planned unaccompanied refugee minors housing Klippan, S Sweden. Object thrown through front door.
22FireSätila2016-03-12BT · SVT · Exp (unvis.it) Three buildings arsoned, ~20 fire sites @ the Smälteryd institution, under construction to refugee housing.
21Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsTimrå2016-03-05polisen.se · ST · AF · SR People from 2-3 cars (Volvo) threw rocks at asylum housing in Timrå, northern Sweden. Police called 03:58. Arrested 19 year old 'cowering in the woods'.
20Minors: Threats / OtherTomellilla2016-02-28SkD Housing for refugee children attacked by teens in several vehicles 28 Feb. Smashed windows, 'threatening hand signs'.
19Minors: FireTollarp2016-02-28SVT · Omni Molotov attack against housing for unaccompanied refugee minors in Tollarp, southern Sweden. Will still open Tuesday.
18Threats / OtherFagersjö2016-02-23polisen.se Damages at construction site of future refugee accomodations. Man suspected för preparing arson, police are inquiring for witnesses.
17Minors: FireSkivarp2016-02-20GP · PT Porch door set on fire with the aid of combustible fluids / accelerant. Housing for unaccompanied minors, located in Skivarp in the very south of Sweden.
16FireKiruna2016-02-14GP Migrant caravan/camper attacked with Inciendiary. Eight people might have been in the vehicle.
15Threats / OtherKungälv / Göteborg2016-02-13GP Militant nazis 'patroling' Gothenburg swimming baths disguised as 'security guards'.
14Minors: Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsVaggeryd2016-02-12Exp (unvis.it) · AB Armed gang threatened unaccompanied minors
13Threats / OtherMalmö2016-02-12SDS Suspected arsonist apprehended carrying canister of liquid by Migration Board premises in Malmö
12Minors: Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsNynäshamn2016-02-08SR · VT · Exp (unvis.it) · AF Fourteen Poles, armed with clubs, knives and brass knuckles, arrested after planning to attack housing for unaccompanied minors.
11FireSträngnäs2016-02-06GP · DN · Metro Woman in her fifties caught trying to set asylum housing on fire.
10Minors: Threats / OtherSkurup2016-02-01Exp (unvis.it) A mob of people gathered outside a housing for unaccompanied minors. Hitler-salutes have been reported.
9FireNorrköping2016-02-01NT Baracks on fire by Thapper school, there's info about planned asylum housing.
8FireTjörnbrons camping2016-01-31AB Mobile homes/caravans incinerated in camping site where the Migration Board runs refugee housing.
7Minors: Threats / OtherSkivarp2016-01-30SkD Mob of 'several young men' verbally attacked a group of unaccompanied minors in new refugee accomodations. Shouts and hitler salutes were thrown. A group of locals are said to have impeded the mob from reaching the children.
6FireStockholm2016-01-30DN · AB · SvD · Exp (unvis.it) · TV4 · Omni Lynch mob attacked street kids in downtown Stockholm
5FireBorås2016-01-17SR · AB · AB Mosque on fire in central Borås. Police investigating arson.
4Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsKneippbyn, Gotland2016-01-09SVT · SR Refugee accommodations attacked with air guns / BB-guns. Police close investigation w/o results.
3FireTjörnbrons camping2016-01-07Kuriren · Youtube Mobile home/caravan in flames on camping site where the Migration Board runs refugee housing.
2Explosion / Criminal Damage / WeaponsSundsvall2016-01-03Aftonbladet · SVT Migrant camp attacked with fireworks. Beating with iron pipe.
1FireLund2016-01-01AF Address published by Sweden 'Democrats'