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168Minors: Threats / OtherBorås2017-06-08Expo Woman fined (in 2018-02-08) after racist comment in a Facebook group for the Sweden Democrats.
167Threats / OtherPåarp2017-12-15MV · DN · Dagen Right wing extremist dies which leads to massive anti-semitic hatred directed towards journalist Robert Aschberg.
166Threats / OtherStockholm2017-12-20UNT · SVT · DN · SR · Corren · Metro · BL · HN · Mitti · Exp · DN · · EP · HP · AlK · SKMA · SvD Nazis disturbed manifestation against anti-Semitism in which the prime minister participated. One person was charged with racist incitement and five others were removed beause they were disturbing the peace.
165Threats / OtherStockholm2017-12-26Privat Mosque attacked by racists who 'sealed off' the entrance to the premices with a cross... as if muslims are vampires who fear the christian religious symbols.
164WeaponsKungälv2017-12-23AB Nazi charged with weapons offences after being apprehended in his apartment where police also found drugs, weapons and primers which can be used to make bombs.
163Vandalism / AssaultSäffle2017-12-23NWT Mosque in Säffle vandalised, resulting in broken windows and holes in the walls. Police are not ruling out hate crime.
162Threats / OtherStockholm2017-12-16WaD · RG Nazis manifesting in different parts of Sweden.
161Threats / OtherVästerås2017-12-16WaD Nazis filming people outside shopping mall in Västerås.
160Minors: Threats / OtherLudvika2017-12-14WaD · WaD · WaD Nazis gather outside the Lorensberga school in Ludvika. Afterwards they're seen parading downtown 'interviewing' people.
159Threats / OtherGävleborg2017-12-04HH Man charged after threatening to crucify a neighbour due to her involvment in helping unaccompanied minors / refugees.
158Minors: Threats / OtherMalmö2017-12-10sds Sali, who works in the kiosks during the MFF games, has to do so while suffering derogatory comments from the audience due to their racist attitudes towards her religion and veil.
157Fire + Attempt / ExplosionKungsbacka2017-12-26GP · HN · HN · SvD Planned asylum accomodations and former daycare centre burned days after christmas. Police are investigating arson.
156Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-12-03FB Woman who usually sits outside the ICA supermarket by Hornsbruks street had a can of fermented herring poured over herself by a person who lives at the premises.
155Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-11-14DN · AB Manure dumped on site where beggars sit. This is probably an attempt to humiliate them and get them to leave. The manure has been cleaned up by a citizen, who also reported it to the police.
154Threats / OtherAvesta2017-12-14DT An inhabitant of Avesta sentenced to a 15 000 Swedish crowns fine after having written derogatory about homosexuals on a Facebook page.
153Fire + Attempt / ExplosionGöteborg2017-12-09AB · DN · Exp · Exp · SDS Approximately ten people threw fire bombs - described as molotov cocktails - at the Gothenburg synagogue while a youth party took place in the neighbouring parish house. Three people apprehended.
152WeaponsMalmö2017-12-09SDS · HD · AB · SvD · SDS · Exp · Metro · SR · Omni Threats directed towards jews during manifestation in Malmö. The manifestation took place after the president of the USA proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has been reported to the police, by the police, as incitement of racial hatred.
151Fire + Attempt / ExplosionMalmö2017-12-11SDS Fire bombs thrown at the Jewish Chapel in Malmö. The bottles failed to ignite the building.
150WeaponsMalmö2017-12-12SDS Two young men claiming to be from Palestine threatened the Jewish congregation and yelled they wanted to throw a bomb at them while running away.
149Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-12-02AB · Exp · DN · SDS Police hurt after being hit over the head by nazi during a manifestation in Stockholm.
148Threats / OtherStockholm2017-11-30RG · Guldfiske Fascists in torchlight march in memory of Karl XII.
147Threats / OtherStockholm2017-11-30Exp · Yle · Hbl · DN · StoDir · Mitti Finnish embassy in Stockholm cordoned off after threats from marching nazis. The cause of the march is probably that Finland recently declared nazi organisations outlawed.
146Threats / OtherVänersborg2017-11-01ttela Man is charged after writing racial slurs about Muslims on open Facebook page.
145Threats / OtherHudiksvall2017-11-25AB Nazis filmed and photographed people in Hudiksvall center, where they also waved their usual banners. When leaving they tried to enter the Rainbow coffee house - an lgbtq place - but were denied entrance byt the staff.
144Vandalism / AssaultUppsala2017-11-25DN · SVT · Exp Manifestation against slavery in Lybia was attacked by nazis. At least thre people in the manifestation were assaulted and beaten by the attacking nazis.
143Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-11-14Exp Anders Björkroth, politician for the Sweden 'Democrats' spreads a Holocaust-denying quiz on Facebook.
142Threats / OtherVimmerby2017-11-05SR · AB Nazis rented a local community center to arrange a party. The board of the community center weren't told who the renters were until afterwards.
141Threats / OtherKungälv2017-11-11Exp Nazis handing out flyers and waving flags in Kungälv
140Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-11-11AB · AB · GP · SVT Nazis tried to march througn Gothenburg but were stopped after refusal to comply with police orders. 16 people were apprehended.
139Threats / OtherStockholm2017-11-08AB A skirmish occured on a Stockholm bus after a veiled woman stepped on. The driver demanded she identify herself and refused to drive the bus while another passenger heckled her, telling her that Halloween had passed. Two young men reacted strongly and a harsh discussion erupted.
138Minors: Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-08-08Blankspot · AB · AB Three people are hurt during the Young in Sweden manifestation on Mynttorget, Stockholm, after being attacked by nazis.
137Vandalism / AssaultMalmö2017-08-07SDS During the morning commute by the Södervärn bus station a woman starts chasing another person while shouting racial slurs at her. The attacker was eventually stopped by the public. Police are investigating molestation and bodily harm.
136Minors: Vandalism / AssaultHöllviken2017-11-03SDS School vandalized with swastikas and racist slurs.
135Fire + Attempt / ExplosionGöteborg2017-11-02AB · AB · AB · AB · AB · Exp · SVT · SR · SR · DN · AF · AF · AB Three nazis in custody after raid on apartment in Gothenburg wherein weapons, nazi symbols, drugs and 10kg of dynamite were found. Charges are preparation for general devastation.
134Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-10-28TV4 · DN · AB Nazis gather ten people in a march from Ica Maxi to Avenyn in Gothenburg. They were quickly confronted by anti-fascists and left the area after trying to hand out flyers for a couple of hours. Among the protesters were a woman in an electric wheelchair. The police aided the nazis, as is usually the case.
133Vandalism / AssaultPajala2017-10-08FB Swastikas, among other things, scrawled upon the facade of the Central School in Pajala.
132Threats / OtherBjörbo2017-10-05WaD Nazis try to frighten the public by putting up death threats on posts and trees. In Björbo, next to nowhere.
131Threats / OtherGällivare2017-06-30DN A man will stand trial for racial slurs and insulting a Sami man on a public Facebook page.
130Minors: Vandalism / AssaultSkanör2017-09-19SDS Two swastikas were drawn by the Tångvalla school main entrance. The incident has been reported as a hate crime.
129Threats / OtherUllared2017-10-01AB Swastikas and nazi slogans on the web site of well known company Gekås in Ullared. The company will investigate whether or not they have been hacked.
128Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-09-30DN · DN · DN · DN · DN · DN · DN · DN · SDS · SDS · SDS · SDS · SDS · SDS · SDS · SDS · GP · GP · GP · AB · AB · AB · AB · AB Nazis tried to manifest their hatred in Gothenburg. They failed.
127Minors: Vandalism / AssaultSundsvall2017-06-14ST Several swastikas sprayed in the Hedbergska School in Sundsvall. Police have a suspect and will see if, quote, he has nazi sympathies or just likes sun crosses.
126Threats / OtherFalun2017-09-23DT · SVT Nazis tried to disrupt the Falun Pride parade but were stopped by police. Among the attackers was the nazi town politician Per Öberg.
125Minors: Fire + Attempt / ExplosionHörby2017-09-24SkD Molotov cocktail thrown at facade of asylum accomodation Selmagården in Råby. The fire put itself out and no one was hurt. Police are investigating arson.
124Fire + Attempt / ExplosionÖrebro2017-09-26DN · DN · NA · NA · NA · NA · AB · SR · SVT · SVT Mosque arsoned in Vivalla, Örebro. 20 y/o apprehended by police. Witnesses speak of masked assailant. Police are investigating arson.
123Vandalism / AssaultVisby2017-07-07Exp Nazis arrive at the Almedal political week in Gotland. In connection with this the Make Equal art installation against nazism is destroyed. Nazis have also been seen, and documented, throwing their usual gang signs.
122Vandalism / AssaultKalmar2017-09-10QX Pride celebrations attacked by nazis in Kalmar. Police arrested one of the nazis and apprehended five others.
121Vandalism / AssaultKarlstad2017-09-10QX Pride celebrations attacked by nazis who spat and punched the parade leader.
120Vandalism / AssaultHelsingborg2017-09-10QX 18 Pride flags stolen from public flag poles in conjunction with the Helsingborg Pride celebrations.
119Threats / OtherVisby2017-07-08AB One person apprehended after having attacked police during a nazi protest against the Swedish Green Party outside their press tent.
118Threats / OtherBåstad2017-07-22AB · Antifa · TheLocal · Exp The match between David Ferrer and Fernando Verdasco during the Swedish Open championship semi finals in Båstad was interrupted by a nazi shouting slogans.
117Threats / OtherUpplands Väsby2017-08-31Sds · UNT · Mitti Man convicted for molestation after racist attack on three train passengers 2015. The man in question stated that he hated muslims and proceeded by eating bacon in front of the three shawled passengers.
116Vandalism / AssaultGöteborg2017-09-03GP Mikaela attacked by unknown assailants at a Captain Red gig. Racial abuse escalated to spitting and punching.
115Threats / OtherLjungbyhed2017-08-18SDS Three nazis raise a tent and arrange leafleting and info-table at the Ljungbyhed Fair.
114Threats / OtherStockholm2017-08-05Flamman · Exp Fascists removed after trying to block the Stockholm Pride parade. No arrests since the police didn't see enough reasons to.
113Fire + Attempt / ExplosionMalmö2017-09-10SDS · Exp Arson attack towards tents in refugee manifestation outside the Migration board in Malmö. Two people, at least one in black clothing, were seen rushing from the place in an Audi
112Threats / OtherVisby2017-07-06Exp · AB A man walks into the Amnesty International-tent in Visby during the Almedal week and performs a nazi salute over the heads of the representatives of Amnesty International on site.
111Threats / OtherVisby2017-07-06AB Man apprehended after Hitler salute at Hamnplan in Visby during the Swedish political week in Almedalen, Gotland.
110Threats / OtherAlmedalen2017-07-06AB Man apprehended after Hitler salute in a restaurang in Visby during the Swedish political week in Almedalen, Gotland.
109Minors: Threats / OtherSkövde2017-07-02SLA · SkLT · SkLT P15-team excluded from the finals after a leader of the Askim team verbally attacked the Alingsås team with racial slurs.
108Minors: Fire + Attempt / ExplosionSkoghall2017-08-12AB · AB · SR Accomodations for unaccompanied minors on fire - two out of three sections are beyond repair. Police are investigating fire
107Threats / OtherLandvetter2017-07-03DO · AB · Svd · DN · Hela Gotland · Sudöstran · bt · ATL A man was controlled due to his looks which consisted of black hair and a full beard. According to DO the personnel at the airport which the incident occured supposedly "linked" him with another passenger with a similar look. Therefor it was decided by DO to sue the airline BRA because they couldn't give any good motivation for the control. The incident occured in July last year but DO made a decision today. The news was covered in both national and local newspapers.
106Threats / OtherArlanda2017-04-25n24 · n24 · The local · EXP · DN · AB · Svt · SR · Metro Aye Alhassani went through several steps in the process for recruitment at SAS in order to get a job. But when she arrives at the last steps which consists of a one-on-one interview she is being told that SAS doesn't allow women wearing hijab. Despite that Alhassani sent in a photo of herself to the company and therefore could have been informed way ahead they chose to leave it out until the end.
105Threats / OtherStockholm2017-06-16@L17MotRasism · FB The school of Skarpnäck and central Kärrtorp got soiled with stickers from NU.
104Threats / OtherNyhammar2017-06-29FB · Dala-demokraten The antiracist network We Are Dalarna held an antiracist latjolajban (fun and games) in Nyhammar. NMR showed up but the local police was also in place and the event could go on.
103Fire + Attempt / ExplosionGöteborg2017-06-27gbgdirekt · AB · GT · SR · Metro · gbgdirekt · GP Villa Ramsäter, in Hisingen, Gothenburg, burned during Tuesday night. Arson is suspected. Sunday 25/6 Göteborg Direkt wrote about the facilities mentioning the plan to use them as refugee accomodations. Since the premises have been vacated for some time no-one was hurt in the fire. The Gothenburg Post has written about the fire (linked via archive.is) but not in one word mentioned the plans for the villa.
102Threats / OtherÖstermalm2017-06-12DN · sthlmdirekt · Svt · Expressen · Mitti.se Students from the school of Fredrikshov's Castle in Östermalm, Stockholm, last year participated in a school trip to Auschwitz. Even though the school is considered one with the highest note-average in the country, a group of students chose to record a film in which they threw Heil-signs and copied Hitler. Yes. Adolf Hitler.
101Threats / OtherLinköping2017-06-27Nyheter24 · Corren · AB · Svt · FB A roma family was followed and harrassed by staff at the toy-story Babya and Lekia. The incident was offered a wide spread since it was recorded on video by the people attacked by the staff. According to the family this is not the first time similar incidents have taken place.
100Threats / OtherSaxdalen2017-06-03SR · SR · SR · SR Saturday June 3:d Blood & Honour organised a white-power concert in 'The Peoples House' in Saxdalen. The nazi organisation NMR is said to have attended the concert. The incident has awoken the worry and anger among local inhabitants and politicians. According to Swedish Radio money from the local community/council are said to have gone to the nazis who were hired as security guards.
99Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-06-19Svt · Göteborgdirekt · Sveriges Radio The Social Democrat politician Shahbaz Khan was on a bike trip with his three children and niece when someone shouted "Fucking muslims!". The man doing the shouting turned his van around and threatened the family before fleeing the location.
98Threats / OtherMalmö2017-06-17Svt · Svt The Iraqi protesters outside the Migration Agency in Malmö have been repeatedly harrassed by local nazis - including one attempt to run them down with an automobile. During the night they saw a car drive by and slow down. The protesters felt threatened and informed the authorities.
97Threats / OtherKarlstad2017-06-20Svt · nwt · vf · vf · Expo 20-something nazis participated in a protest against the Karlstad City Council. The protest included disturbing the meeting and standing outside the City Council holding signs. According to participants the situation - which was due to a Council decision regarding a mosque - was experienced as threatening.
96Threats / OtherKarlstad2017-06-12Metro · DN Karlstad city library has put up a list with 120 names who are not allowed to borrow books. All of these names are either romanian or roma-sounding.
95Threats / OtherBoalt2017-06-06NSK The nazi organisation NRM rented the Boalt community center under a fake name. The occasion was the celebration of the Swedish National Day.
94Vandalism / AssaultOxie2017-06-16Sds · Skd School and public bath house "cordoned off" by nazis in their usual method of scare tactics.
93Vandalism / AssaultMalmö2017-06-09Youtube A groupr of Iraqi protesters have been repeatedly attacked and had their cars vandalised. Tires have ben slashed. Today they themselves caught the perpetrator in flagrante delicto and handed him over to the police.
92Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-02-12GP · Expressen · Expo A man was heiling at the night club Dubliner earlier in February this year. He also showed the guards at the club a knife which he owned. The man was taken care of by the police and is said to have connections with NMR and some information of the bombings which happened around Gothenberg by the turn of the year.
91WeaponsMalmö2017-06-11NSK · Kvp · 24Malmö · SVT · SDS · Kvp · DN · Skd Iraqis who have held an ongoing demonstration outside migrationsverket at Jägersro, Malmö had their signs ruined by a driver during the Sunday night. It is not the first time since they started their demonstration that it has been interrupted and threatened.By Monday it was clear that the man whom drove the car had used pepper spray and carried two knifes during the incident. The police even found a nazi symbol on the car.
90Vandalism / AssaultAbbekås2017-06-07skd Kamal Chams and his family had their car vandalized during last Wednesday. Both Chams himself and other residents of the area claim that is due to him being a Syrian refugee. It is reported as being one of many similar incidents directed at the family's property.
89Threats / OtherStockholm2017-06-06@DrorFeiler Nazis wave flags and hand out leaflets on Södermalm Plaza in Stockholm.
88Vandalism / AssaultGöteborg2017-06-04GP · DN The Masthugg church in Gothenburg raised the pride flag for West Pride. The entire flag pole and the pride flag was taken down by ten persons according to witnesses during at night between Saturday and Sunday.
87Fire + Attempt / ExplosionSöderhamn2017-06-04UNT · SVT · SR · HH · AB Asylum accomodation in Söderhamn burned to the ground in what Police are investigating as an arson attack. Some 60-70 people managed to evacuate the building and no-one was seriously hurt, although a person was later sent to hospital after experiencing heart problems after the fire.
86Threats / OtherVisby2017-05-31Helagotland · helagotland The Diversity Parade to be held the 2017-07-07 rerouted and/or rescheduled after police approve nazis to manifest hatred during the Almedal week (Swedish week of politics) on the island of Gotland.
85Vandalism / AssaultMalmberget2017-05-24NSD Beggar in Malmberget attacked with fire extinguisher by what seems to be several perpetrators according to witness statement.
84Minors: Threats / OtherUppsala2017-05-29FB · Exp · UNT Children threatened by unknown woman on bus in Uppsala. The situation escalated from spewing racism to death threats. None of the passangers on the bus intervened.
83WeaponsMalmö2017-05-31SVT · RW Iraqi refugees protesting by the Migration Agency attacked by gang with dogs (here considered weapons). 'This is our land! Go home to yours!' was shouted. The police claimed to have no vehicles available when the incident was reported. The Malmö Police has been reported to the Justice Ombudsman due to the harrassment of Iraqi protesters.
82Threats / OtherFärgelanda2017-02-27Omni · Omni · TT (Omni) · TT (Omni) · SR Ex SD-politician Jan Sohl is charged with hate crime 2017-05-29 after racist remarks on social media 2017-02-27. The politician has since then been expelled from the party.
81Fire + Attempt / ExplosionVäxjö2017-05-17SDS · Exp · Smp 200 people evacuated after fire in wooden building adjacent a refugee accomodation. Nobody was hurt, police are investigating arson.
80Fire + Attempt / ExplosionMålilla2017-05-17SDS Furniture on fire in common room. Massive smoke developed and five people were mildly hurt, 140 evacuated. Investigated as arson.
79Fire + Attempt / ExplosionBorrby2017-05-17SDS The former Railroad Hotel, now B&B in Borrby, arsoned. 17 people evacuated.
78Vandalism / AssaultUmeå2017-05-16Folkbladet The theatre group 'Tro, hopp och mod' (Faith, hope and courage) cease their activities after being threatened and assaulted by nazis. The police have closed investigations.
77Threats / OtherStockholm2017-05-11RFSL The president of RFSL Stockhom leaves his position after having received anonymous threats and after having his apartment vandalised.
76Threats / OtherVäxjö2017-02-01SDS · SVT · AB An employee at the Migration Board has been reported to the police after having screamed racial slurs and made a Hitler salute at work. The man also works at an accomodation for unaccompanied minors.
75Minors: WeaponsSjuntorp2017-05-13Ttela · SR · SR Security guardian fired upon after discovering two men heading towards home for unaccompanied minors. The men fled in a silver Audi. Police are investigating the matter as attempted manslaughter.
74Vandalism / AssaultJunsele2017-04-13Exp Car belonging to former refugee turned on its roof during Easter week, date unknown. Polised have closed the case with no resolve.
73Minors: Vandalism / AssaultJunsele2017-04-28Exp Tires slashed on bike belonging to six y/o refugee girl from The Ukraine. Three cars outside of asylum housing also had tires cut. Other attacks in february and march of 2017 include fireworks shot at asylum housing and shooting directed towards a planned asylum accomodation.
72Threats / OtherSollentuna2017-04-26Exp · SVT · AB · Exp · Viralgranskaren (archive) Aye Alhassani denied job opportunity with SAS because of her hijab. When the media started covering the story, false accusations were spread (by a known hate-blogger) about planned activism. See documentation by Viralgranskaren.
71Fire + Attempt / ExplosionMålilla2017-05-08SR Fire at refugee accomodation Moliljan in Målilla. Reason for fire unknown as of now.
70Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-05-07DN · DN · AB · DN · Politism · ETC A group of 30-something nazis attack a peaceful demonstration at the Mynttorget (Coin square). The police separates the groups and allows the nazis to remain in the square. Swedish newspapers describe the nazi attack as an 'altercation' - and normalization continues.
69Vandalism / AssaultRättvik2017-05-07SR · DT Nazis at the Rättvik fair reported to the Police for assault, helping an apprehended person escape and order act violations after organising a general assembly without permission.
68Vandalism / AssaultKatrineholm2017-05-05SVT Nazi graffiti, posters and flyers directed towards a local Pride-festival in Katrineholm.
67Vandalism / AssaultLuleå2017-04-28SVT Three harass a young man by calling him 'faggot' and dry humping him.
66Vandalism / AssaultLuleå2017-04-28SVT Lesbian couple attacked at the Bishops Arms in Luleå by a party of four people. A report for sexual abuse and assault has been filed with the local Police.
65Threats / OtherKarlskrona2017-01-26SVT · SVT · SVT Politician from the Sweden 'Democrats' reported to the police after threatening a Social Democrat politician in Karlskrona. The SD-woman has, as per usual, wished for the rape of the Karlskrona politician.
64Vandalism / AssaultSödertälje2017-04-24SVT Nazi graffiti cleaned up in Södertälje after complaints from town residents.
63Threats / OtherStockholm2017-03-11Kämpa STHLM Nazis try to disrupt a manifestation arranged by the organisation 'We can't stand it, but we'll never stop fighting' in support for unaccompanied minors.
62Threats / OtherFalun2017-05-01Expo · SVT A couple of hundred nazis gathered in Falun for some type of show of force during May 1 - the international workers day. In the small student town Lund the Left party together with the Feminists gathered at least as many people. Perspective, people. It's important.
61Fire + Attempt / ExplosionJakobsberg2017-04-30AB · DN · SDS · SVD · SVT Imam Ali-mosque in Jakobsberg arsoned after a gathering. On-site conditions indicate that the fire was no accident. The security policy has been involved.
60Threats / OtherFrillesås2017-04-20SVT Swedish Nazis put up flags in several public places in Sweden. This is Sweden 2017, a country in which white, inbred terrorism is not seen nor discussed by police and/or politicians. Instead we stigmatize, criminalize and hunt down refugees/migrants without papers.
59Threats / OtherVäröbacka2017-04-20SVT Swedish Nazis put up flags in several public places in Sweden. This is Sweden 2017, a country in which white, inbred terrorism is not seen nor discussed by police and/or politicians. Instead we stigmatize, criminalize and hunt down refugees/migrants without papers.
58Threats / OtherHogstorp2017-04-20SVT Swedish Nazis put up flags in several public places in Sweden. This is Sweden 2017, a country in which white, inbred terrorism is not seen nor discussed by police and/or politicians. Instead we stigmatize, criminalize and hunt down refugees/migrants without papers.
57Threats / OtherEskilstuna2017-04-20Omni · AB · SVT · TT Failed attempt to fly the nazi swastika flag over Eskilstuna Town Hall. One of the two perpetrators was apprehended by police and consecuently expelled from the town. Crime suspicion: Incitement to hatred.
56Threats / OtherStockholm2017-04-20SN Swedish Nazis put up flags in several public places in Sweden. This is Sweden 2017, a country in which white, inbred terrorism is not seen nor discussed by police and/or politicians. Instead we stigmatize, criminalize and hunt down refugees/migrants without papers.
55Threats / OtherLöddeköpinge2017-04-20SN · Lokaltidningen Swedish Nazis put up flags in several public places in Sweden. This is Sweden 2017, a country in which white, inbred terrorism is not seen nor discussed by police and/or politicians. Instead we stigmatize, criminalize and hunt down refugees/migrants without papers.
54Threats / OtherMalmö2017-04-20SN · Lokaltidningen Swedish Nazis put up flags in several public places in Sweden. This is Sweden 2017, a country in which white, inbred terrorism is not seen nor discussed by police and/or politicians. Instead we stigmatize, criminalize and hunt down refugees/migrants without papers.
53Threats / OtherNyköping2017-04-20SN Swedish Nazis put up flags in several public places in Sweden. This is Sweden 2017, a country in which white, inbred terrorism is not seen nor discussed by police and/or politicians. Instead we stigmatize, criminalize and hunt down refugees/migrants without papers.
52Threats / OtherTrelleborg2017-03-04SDS · SDS Nazis unfold flags and banners from a roof top during a manifestation held by the racist organisation 'The Peoples Demonstration'. During the manifestation speeches were held by holocaust deniers and known islamophobes.
51Threats / OtherVarberg2017-04-12HN Center politician Kristina Lindfeldt has been forced to leave the party after having expressed negative and prejudiced opinions about Jews on Facebook.
50Vandalism / AssaultGävle2017-04-13SVT Mounier, originally from Syria, was threatened by a man wielding a gun-like object. The man in person threatened to shoot Munier while also calling him a terrorist.
49Threats / OtherStockholm2017-04-14N/A Nazis perform one of their usual manifestations, with flags and flyers among the sea of flowers following the Stockholm attack.
48Minors: Threats / OtherFarsta2017-04-08Metro Muslim woman and children harassed following attack in Stockholm. Bystanders called the woman terrorist among other things.
47Threats / OtherMalung-Sälen2017-01-18Polisen Swastika sprayed on a door in connection with a teaching room for newly arrived refugees. Police are investigating the crime as incitement to racial hatred.
46Threats / OtherSträngnäs2017-04-08Ekuriren Nazis have sprayed propaganda over central Strängnäs: The city house, Multeum, buildings in the harbour, Ica Bengtssons and several bus stops are now being sanitized by the city as the vandalism is noticed.
45Vandalism / AssaultMalmö2017-04-11SDS · SVT Several windows broken at the Muslim congregation facilities in Malmö.
44Vandalism / AssaultFalkenberg2017-04-07SVT · HN · SR Cobblestones thrown into a mosque during prayer gathering with 25 participants. Three windows smashed, perpetrator described as in his thirties, bald and heavyset.
43Threats / OtherStockholm2017-04-08Expo A smaller group of right-wing extremists gather outside the Parliament House in Stockholm to protest the politicians, whom they hold responsible for the attack on 20170407.
42Vandalism / AssaultLövestad2017-04-09Exp Villagers fight with nazis who were distributing flyers and filming passers-by in the market area. Police have filed a complaint of assault with two nazis as suspected perpetrators.
41Vandalism / AssaultVikarbyn2017-04-05Exp · Exp · DT The Kallur family summer house was sabotaged by having their pride flag stolen and later confirmed burned by nazis.
40Minors: Vandalism / AssaultVällingby2017-04-05Stockholmdirekt · Omni · DN · DN · DN · AB Two members of the fascist mob 'Soldiers of Odin' appeared by the Al-Azhar school where they filmed the children, put up stickers and proceeded to kick a football away from some of the children.
39Threats / OtherUmeå2017-04-02SVT · SVT · SVT · AB · DN · DN · DN · Politism · Folkbladet · Folkbladet · SR · BBC The Jewish Organisation in Umeå ceases operations after repeated threats from nazis.
38Threats / OtherVästerås2017-04-01Vlt Nazis threaten reporters and passers by while distributing flyers in downtown Västerås.
37Minors: WeaponsKumla2017-04-01SR 16 y/o unaccompanied minor attacked by unknown man who also tried to run over the boy and his friends.
36WeaponsNynäshamn2017-03-28NP · NP Man hospitalised after knife attack at commuter train station. The perpetrator directed racial slurs towards the victim - the police suspect a hate crime and are looking for witnesses.
35Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-04-01Hatewatch Two inebriated men harassed a roma woman by threatening beating and simulating masturbating in her face. No help was given by bystanders.
34Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-03-21Fria · Exp · Svt · GP The Valand Academy and the Nautical Museum are planning an exhibition of a large 'folded' swastika sculpture on the 20170329.
33Threats / OtherKävlinge2017-01-25SDS · SVT · Metro · Kävlinge kommun · SDS · SkD · SkD · SvD · Antifa Teacher at a school in Kävlinge is photographed during a nazi meeting somewhere in Skåne. The teacher has not been let go even though nazism goes against base school values.
32Minors: Vandalism / AssaultBorås2017-03-18BT · SR Dalsjö school vandalised with swastikas and paint during the weekend of 20170317-19. This is not the first time similar incidents are reported at this school.
31WeaponsGöteborg2017-02GP Knife carrying man performs nazi salute in Gothenburg pub. Also claimed wanting to 'stab a (racial slur)'.
30Threats / OtherLinköping2017-03-04N/A Nazis distributing flyers in Linköping.
29Threats / OtherÖrebro2017-03-08AB · SvD · DN · Peter Springare Örebro police investigator Peter Springare writes a Facebook post filled with empty racist rhetoric directed against an arbitrary selection of so-called criminal immigrants and 'extreme left wing press'. Claims to - and this is a verbatim, albeit translated, quote - 'Destroy all the extreme left journalists that plague the debate with their abnormal agendas'.
28Vandalism / AssaultMalmö2017-03-15SKD · SDS · Lokaltidningen Without warning a female beggar was attacked by a 50-year old man who hit her in the face and continued by expressing racist comments directed towards the woman. The man is now suspected of assault and hate crime.
27Vandalism / AssaultSödertälje2017-03-15Polisen Nazis in a brawl at Järna centrum, Södertälje. Police on site are not allowing any of them to leave.
26Threats / OtherStockholm2017-03-18N/A Same nazis, approximately 10 people, that were parading in Östermalm Plaza are now seen at Stureplan.
25Threats / OtherStockholm2017-03-18N/A Nazis parade on Östermalm Plaza in Stockholm.
24Vandalism / AssaultBorlänge2017-03-09N/A Nazis in Borlänge perform a so called cordoning of Byggnads - the construction union - with plastic tape and flyers, as per usual.
23Minors: Threats / OtherUmeå2017-03-11AF During the so called stroller demonstration against maternal mortality the local nazis were offended enough to arrange a counter-manifestation and a seize of the Renmark Plaza in downtown Umeå. Nazis protesting the lives and health of mothers is apparently a thing now. Again.
22Threats / OtherTrelleborg2017-03-10SDS 'The Peoples' Demonstration, arranged a manifestation in Trelleborg to which they invited a known Holocaust denier nazi proponent as a speaker. Nazis from NMR mingled with the so called people.
21Fire + Attempt / ExplosionVänersborg2017-02-26DN Three people hospitalised after the refugee accomodation Restad Gård arsoned. One of the injured jumped from the third floor and is seriously hurt.
20Vandalism / AssaultGöteborg2017-02-23SDS · Exp · AB · Folkbladet · GP Mosque room at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg vandalised with islamophobic graffiti and torn qurans. Earlier attacks on the prayer room include attackers covering the facilities in urine.
19Fire + Attempt / ExplosionKungälv2017-02-21KP · KP · GP Muslim organisation facilities arsoned after a series of vandalism acts. Five vehicles on site to put out the fire.
18Threats / OtherJönköping2017-02-18Nazispotting Nazis from NMR have been moving about in downtown Jönköping.
17Vandalism / AssaultAsmundtorp2017-02-18AB Family evacuated after a briefcase covered in painted swastikas and with taped on plastic bottles was found in Asmundtorp outside Landskrona. The briefcase was positioned by a door.
16Minors: Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-02-16AB · Exp · DN · AF · Arbetaren Nazis distributing flyers denying the holocaust attacked children at Åsö primary school in Stockholm. One person apprehended under suspicion of assault and breaking knife laws.
15Threats / OtherGöteborg2017-02-11GP Nazis distributing leaflets in Gothenburg. The situation is perceived as messy and unruly by witnesses on the spot.
14Fire + Attempt / ExplosionLycksele2017-02-09Exp Asylum housing on fire in central Lycksele. Arson investigation started, at least one person hospitalised.
13Vandalism / AssaultLund2017-02-03SDS · Lundagård Nazi scribblings and a note saying the University Library in Lund was cordoned off by nazi organisation Nordic Recistanse Movement.
12Threats / OtherMalmö2017-02-03SVT · SDS Car/SUV with nazi flag on the rear wind shield drove through Rosengård, Malmö. According to police no report has been made.
11Minors: WeaponsSmålandsstenar2017-02-01VN · VN · VN · AF Youth at home for unaccompanied minors in Smålandsstenar beaten and cut with knife by three attackers not related to the accomodations.
10Minors: Fire + Attempt / ExplosionUppsala2017-01-28SR · UNT A refugee accomodation for unaccompanied minors was arsoned and the inhabitants evacuated. The fire started in one of the apartments which was empty at the time.
9Vandalism / AssaultStaffanstorp2017-01-24SDS · SDS Middleaged couple attacked a black woman on the bus. The man in the couple spat the woman in the face and called her the N-word. The couple was followed from the bus by youth who could identify them to the police.
8Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2017-01-27DN Nazi graffiti and vandalism at several locations in Stockholm.
7Fire + Attempt / ExplosionGöteborg2017-01-25GP · SVT Lilleby camping was evacuated after staff found a suspicious object on the premices. Object was found by police to be a live bomb and was disarmed.
6Vandalism / AssaultGillberga2017-01-24DN Swastikas and other nazi symbols scrawled on church facade in Gillberga, Eskilstuna. Three headstones overturned.
5Vandalism / AssaultSödertälje2017-01-22LT · LT · Expo · Expo · Expo Three police officers slightly injured during intervention outside Flamingo Club in Södertälje. Racist and nazi slogans were shouted during the commotion.
4Threats / OtherKungälv2017-01-17SVT Four nazis from Nordic Resistance Movement reported to the police after posing as "security hosts" in the Oasen bathhouse in Kungälv.
3Vandalism / AssaultJönköping2017-01-08AB The fascist vigilantes / lynch mob Soldiers of Odin attacked leftist sympathisers in the Matchstick Area in Jönköping. Seven people apprehended on site.
2Vandalism / AssaultGöteborg2017-01-07GP Nazi organisation Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen (Nordic Resistance Movement) assaulted a woman during one of their leafleting gatherings.
1Vandalism / AssaultGöteborg2017-01-05SVT · Exp · AB · SVT · AB · DN · AB · SVT · Exp · Exp · GP · Exp · Exp Explosion in a container outside a refugee accomodation in Gothenburg. A man was hurt badly and is hospitalised due to severe injuries in his legs.