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12Vandalism / AssaultHallsberg2018-02-18Exp · Polis 23y/o man assaulted by two perpetrators, of which one is believed to have been armed with some kind of pistol. Police are investigating hate crime assault.
11Fire + Attempt / ExplosionStrömsnäsbruk2018-02-15SVT · SML · SML Burning object thrown through the window of the Syrian Association's prayer premises/Mosque in Strömsnäsbruk, south of Sweden, while 10 people were in it on Thursday evening, in what is labeled aggravated arson. Fire was put out by the public present.
10Minors: NazispottingStockholm2018-02-6Mitti Nazi propaganda under the guise as 'school information' distributed to children in Nockeby.
9Minors: Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2018-02-08Twitter Racist graffiti at the Global Gymnasium in Stockholm.
8Fire + Attempt / ExplosionÖsteråker2018-02-06SVT · SR · DN · AB Two barracks in planned refugee accomodations set on fire in Åkersberga to the north of Stockholm. Wire was started in two locations simultaneously.
7Fire + Attempt / ExplosionNacka2018-02-05SR · SVT · AB Building site for asylum housing with 18 residences burnt in suspected arson, 'very probably' started from outside in Nacka outside Stockholm. The five alarm fire call came just before 2a.m. and took ~3 hours to put out.Entire building smoke damaged, 1/3 fire damaged.
6NazispottingJåhkåmåhke / Jokkmokk2018-02-03NRK Nazis protested - unclear against what - and attemted to disturb the peace during the Jokkmokk market. They were met by anti-nazi slogans and resistance from the gathered Sami people.
5NazispottingLudvika2018-01-24WaS · Insta Nazis protest against Alexandra Pascalidou and her lecture on democracy and diversity.
4Vandalism / AssaultStockholm2018-01-20fb · dn · svt The Stockholm Mosque vandalised with spray painted swastikas.
3NazispottingHelsingborg2018-01-06FemPers Right-wing extremists arrange 'vigil against violence towards women' in Helsingborg.
2NazispottingGöteborg2018-01-13svt Nazis carry out their usual manifestations around Gothenburg, accompanied by police and counter-protesters. After a squirmish two conuter-protesters are injured and 15 Nazis are detained by the police.
1NazispottingLund2018-01-06RG Nazis handing out leaflets in Lund.